Jacques Brel - À jeun (English translation)

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Perfectly sober
You got me quite surprised
To not find my bed here
Perfectly sober
I see it drawing back
I also see it turning upside down
Come over here, little bed
If you don't come to me
I'm gonna come to you
But who doesn't take a step forward, takes a step back
As Mister Tireman says
A guy who speaks clearly
And who's a Chief Counsel
Perfectly sober
I come back from a nice party
I've buried Huguette this morning
Perfectly sober
I faked tears
To not spoil the party
They were all in black
Neighbors and friends
Only I was in grey
In this bedlam
There were father&mother-in-law
Have you seen Mirza?
And then Mister Tireman
Who's Chief Counsel
Perfectly sober
At my wife's burial
I buried André's mistress above all
I heard about it only this morning
And from an altar boy
Yes, he was telling me that her sister, well
I only have two solutions lefts
Beating André
Or to make whoopee with André's wife
On his balcony
Or to stay at home
Cuckold fire, bur cheerful,
That's what André's advising me to do
André André Tireman
Who's my Chief Counsel
Perfectly sober
You got me quite surprised
To not find my bed here.
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À jeun

mbg    Wed, 26/01/2011 - 12:14

So much to fix here:

- C'est pas moi qu'irai-t-à toi | I'm gonna come to you: please try again

- Oui me racontait is a misprint > Qui me racontait > Who was telling me that HIS sister...

- deux solutions > two options would sound more colloquial; in any case, they cannot be leftS. [Somewhere else, I can't remember which song now, you quite shocked me with 'feetS'.]

- 'Feu cocu' is NOT 'cuckold fire' but 'cuckold of late' (he learns about it post mortem, at it were)

- gnougnougnaffer too is misspelled; the way Brel sings it (on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h7bODAcCYk - there's an English translation as well) it should be gnougnougnaffier, a word that doesn't exist anywhere else but is based on 'gougnafier' (a knucklehead) and brilliantly rendered by you with 'to make whoopee with'.

- Finally, for the enlightenment of foreign and suckling French readers, you could have mentioned that 'Zavez pas vu Mirza' is a dig at or allusion to Nino Ferrer's zany song of those times (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPktxmvfHvs - "uploaded by Mr Jacques Brel").

mbg    Wed, 26/01/2011 - 12:16

On second thought, one 'f' for 'gnougnougnafier' should be enough. :-)