Boudewijn De Groot - Jimmy (de eenzame fietser) (English translation)

English translation

Jimmy (the lonely cyclist)

How strong is the lonely cyclist
that leans bent over on his handlebar
against the wind
making his way
How self-conscious is the soccer player
who in front of the crowds eyes
wins the match
and fancies himself a champion?
How laughs the business man
without compassion, that finds the rival defeated, almost going bankrupt.
And I'm sitting here, satisfied
With the little one on my lap
The sun is shining, there is no reason
with this shitty weather and strong wind
to go cycling with that kid.
If only he became a soccer player,
maybe they will nearly kick him to death
If only he became a soccer player,
they might kick him near to death
But I'd prefer that over
than doing whatever he wants, unashamed, like the business man
Because that'll only make him worse.
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Author's comments:

Translation would be a bit better if the order of sentences is changed, the order of words is very irregular and different from English. But still I hope it's understandable.


Jimmy (de eenzame fietser)

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