Miguel Bosé - Jinete del Apocalipsis (English translation)

English translation

Horsman of the Apocalypse

Cross and Universe climb
travel through the light, drink the darkness
it will tell you how to transmute
your soul in a crystal
in gold metal
Salamander on fire
bird phoenix in flight
it´s destroyed
and from nothing born again
The injection is its dawn
put faith and love
and your mind will become big and strong
like the sea, it will give you its wisdom
its magic and its secret
Twelve winds, twelve rays
twelve huge white cars
they take it and raise it
for your beyond
A special day will return
and it will brings us the final point
it will save who was able
to purify, to rectify
The christening is a fire
and then there will be no later
Apocalypse will sow
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Jinete del Apocalipsis

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