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Hansel and Gretel

Now, I was* the hero
And my horse only spoke in english
The cowboy's bride
Were you, besides three others
I'd confront the battalions
The germans and their cannons
Then I'd put down my bodoque1
And rehearse the rock for the matinées
Now, I was the king
I was the beadle and also the judge
And according to my law
We were required to be happy
And you were the princess I had crowned
And you were so beautiful to admire
That you walked naked through my nation
No, don't run away
Pretend now that I was your toy
I was your whipping-top
Your favorite pet
Come, give me your hand
We had no fear now
In the time of evil we weren't even born
Now it was fatal
That the make-believe would end up like this
Beyond this backyard
It was a never ending night
Because you disappeared into the world without telling me
And now I was a madman wondering
What will life do to me?
  • 1. a type of bow used by brazilian native indians
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João e Maria

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