Johnny Horton - The Vanishing Race

  • Artist: Johnny Horton ( John LaGale Horton)
  • Album: Johnny Horton 1956-1960, Volume 1(1991)
  • Translations: German
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The Vanishing Race

An Indian brave rode along one day
On a lonely mountain trail
And gazed below with a heart of woe
Where the prairie schooners sail
A vision formed like a mortal storm
In the dust of the wagon train
A vanishing race appeared in space
And he sang this sad refrain:
Ohhhh, wagon trains rolling
They fade from my vision and in time will be gone
I see an eagle in space
My people will follow, a vanishing race
Now great spirits on high,
Please spare them the sorrow
You show to my eye
Now my blankets are rolled
And ride to the valley of the brave Navajo
Vanishing Navajo
Who in time will be gone
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