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A Joinville Le Pont (English translation)

  • Artist: Bourvil (André Raimbourg) Also performed by: Roger Pierre & Jean-Marc Thibault
  • Song: A Joinville Le Pont Album: 1951
English translationEnglish

In Joinville le Pont

I'm a little guy who's a zinc plumber.
I work forty-eight hour a week
And I wait for Sundays to come
To take my fat Germaine
Or another one, it's the same.
But I still prefer Memaine
To whom passionately I once said:
Why not going for a ride, darling?
In Joinville le Pont
Pon! Pon!
We'll both ride !
Ron! Ron!
To watch the dances
At Gégène's pub.
If we feel like it,
Tell me, tell me,
We can also,
If you want,
Go and dance
At Gégène's tavern.
At the water's edge there are fishermen
And in the Marne there are bathers.
You can see people eating mussels
Or Chips if they don't like mussels.
We eat with our fingers it's better.
Only beautiful girls can be eaten with our eyes.
Under the bowers, we eat ice cream
And in the Marne, we drink the cup.
And when night falls at nine o'clock,
There are no more fishermen and no more bathers,
There are no more beautiful girls under the branches.
There's nothing left but peelings.
Memaine tells me: "my feet hurt."
On my bike, I have to bring her back
But from Monday, I think of Saturday
When Saturday comes, I want it again.
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A Joinville Le Pont

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