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乗車権 (Jōshaken) (English translation)

  • Artist: Bump of Chicken
  • Song: 乗車権 (Jōshaken) Album: Yggdrasill (2004)


排気ガスを吐いて 腹ぺこのバスが来る
夢の先に連れてってくれんだ どうだろう
強く望む事を 書いた紙があれば
それがそのまま 乗車券として 使えるらしい 使えるらしいんだ
我先に群がり 行列出来上がり
ぎらぎらの目 友達も皆 どうしよう
強く望む事か 適当でもいいか
取り敢えずは 乗車券の替わり
どけ そこどけ 乗り遅れるだろう 人数制限何人だ
嘘だろう これを逃したら いつになる
あぁ ちょっと待ってくれ 俺を先に乗せてくれ
なぁ どうせ 大層な望みでもないだろう
鈍い音で吠えて 食い過ぎたバスが出る
泣き落としで 順番譲る馬鹿がいた
運ばれて数時間 乗り継ぎがあるらしい
次の便は 夜が来たら 出るらしい
あれ ここに無い でも こっちにも無い なんで乗車券が無い
予定外 見付からないまま 日が落ちる
あぁ ちょっと待ってくれ 俺もそれに乗せてくれ
おい そこの空席に 鞄 置いてんじゃねえ
違う これじゃない これでもない 違う
人間証明書が無い 予定外 俺が居ない
やばい 忍び込め
あぁ ちょっと待ってくれ やはりここで降ろしてくれ
なぁ こんな人生は 望んじゃいない 望んでたのは―…
あぁ 見逃してくれ 解らないまま乗ってたんだ
俺一人 降ろす為 止まってくれる筈もねえ
強く望む事が 欲しいと望んだよ
夢の先なんて 見たくもないから
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Right to Ride

A hungry bus arrives in a cloud exhaust fumes
They say it can take you to your dreams; let's see about that
Just write what you wish for on a scrap of paper
and they say it works as a ticket, or so they say, or so they say
They all try to beat the other, eager to get in line
Even my friends glare at me, what to do?
Something I wish for? Think, what is it?
Jot down anything, just to have a ticket
Out of the way! Just move! I'll miss the ride! What's the limit of passengers?
Don't joke, if I miss that one, when will the next one come?
Ah, please wait, let me board first
There's nothing grand you could wish for anyway
The bus that swallowed too many leaves with a low grunt
The fool who gave up his place in line to a crier left on the platform
They say that after few hours journey, there's still a change
The next bus departs at dusk
Eh? It's not in here. But it's not there either. Where is my ticket?
Didn't expect that. The sun sets and it's still lost somewhere
Ah, please wait, let me board as well!
Oi, don't you dare put that bag on the free seat ovet there!
No, that's not it. But that's not it, either, oh no!
There's no ID to proof my existence, didn't expect that - so I don't exist?
Oh crap, maybe I'll sneak in?
Ah, please wait, let me out after all
I didn't wish my life looked like this... What I wished for was...
Please, let it slide, I didn't know what I was boarding
Right, there's no way the bus will stop just to let me go
I wished for something to wish for...
Now I don't even want to see what lies at the end of the dream

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Submitted by papayamangopapayamango on 2022-10-01
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