A juggling act

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A juggling act (English) — حرفيا تعني العروض البهلوانية التي تتضمن القاء عدة اشياء في الهواء كالكرات و غيرها مع الحفاظ على التوازن و عدم اسقاطها. التعبير يستخدم للإشارة إلى شخص يحاول عمل الكثير من الأشياء في نفسي الوقت

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A juggling act — Multitasking, An expression used to convey the idea of attempting to do, or doing many things at one time.
Much like trying to keep the pins, or balls, and such in air while juggling.

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I can't think of a French exact equivalent. "un numéro d'équilibriste" would be close (something difficult to do, requiring lots of focus or diplomacy), but no cigar. - petit élève 7 months ago
a balancing act - Ww Ww 7 months ago

"A juggling act" in lyrics

If someday you want me I'll give you
My best looks
My life will be a juggling act
To the ancient eyes of God
And even though the pain may be in the sky

Zélia Duncan - If Someday You Want Me


Oh, you toss love around like a juggling act
Oh, you put your heart in a cannon and you didn't look back
Just when I thought I had heaven one day

Lucy Hale - Runaway Circus