Serge Gainsbourg - Juif et Dieu (English translation)

English translation

Jew and God

And what if God was Jewish, would that worry you my girl?
Do you know that the Nazarene
Wasn't at all aryan
And if he's the son of god as you say
God is Jewish
Jewish and God
You've read The Capital by the Israelite
Karl Marx, a fine book
And the pure blooded bolshevik troika? Well
All three were of the semitic race
I'll prove it to you in a moment
God is Jewish
Jewish and God
Grigory Yevseevich Apfelbaum aka Zinoviev 1
Lev Borissovitch Rosenfeld aka Kamenev 2
Lev Davidovitch Bronstein aka Trotsky 3
God is Jewish
Jewish and God
Now is the time of the antichrist
The neutron bomb eh
The granddaughter of daddy Einstein
Another Jew if you see what I mean kiddo
God is Jewish
Jewish and God
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Juif et Dieu

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