Shaban & Käptn Peng - Kündigung 2.0 (English translation)

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Notice 2.0

This bus drives the wrong way because the driver is blinded,
With this I declare the drive is over,
I back out, please open the door - no -
I count to three, then I kick in the door,
with a rhymed leg.
I give myself a piggyback and run across-country,
I set sail and leave the harbour
and will at last sleep in the open again.
It is freed after the burst of the bubble,
I bloom, flowers grow out of my nose,
I teleport myself the rest of the way by foot
and greet my shadow one last time,
I fold clockwork origamis out of a dial,
I unfold and I uncurl myself
to write on myself because I am a manuscript
that only makes sense when you read it backwards.
I translated myself, because i was coded,
I was encrypted and I deciphered myself
until it resulted in coordinates,
I don't have time to wait for long in your garden,
until someone comes and tells me where I have to go, "There!
I throw a kiss on the hand at you that is 7 kilograms heavy,
crumble my face
with my head I break the ceiling,
standing I jump into the bosses' floor,
I will sit down in front of the bosses
to tear aprt their adhesion contracts with my teeth. *crackle*
"Ah well? You can forget your job!"
I don't care, then I'll eat aspen leaves,
lie down in the rain, beg and walk in rags,
live from hand to mouth, only buy the most necessary things,
but I've danced too long on a party of executioners.
The voices inside me want to hijack your party now,
I was camouflaged, played along with all the games,
laughed along at all the jokes that were made,
but I got silent because I understood the punchline,
the joke is that you are not even joking,
how could I not understand all that shit for so long,
you say you are for, but you are against life,
you babble about Darwin and you think you understood,
the strong one has the right to mistreat all the weak,
he has the right to bargain with the living,
the strong one took but he forgot to say thank you,
With this I want to apologize to you,
but have I mentioned it already, I have come to resign,
I want to sin with your saints
and decapacitate your king with his confederates.
Arrivederci! Adieu and see you later!
Salute! Cincin! Cheers! I'll go!
Forget me, replace me, I was never here,
I with this request you exmatriculate me,
I played a role, culture feeded me my lines,
I didn't formulate the form, it formulated me
and so I have to go, and interpret the authors before me,
rewrite my book and conceive new lines,
sleep between wild syllables and leave the path,
to compose my life in a new language.
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Kündigung 2.0

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