Kaži zbogom (English translation)


Kaži zbogom

Kažu mi, da vreme leči rane sve
lažu srećo, teže mi je nego pre
pakleno je nebo gore iznad nas
sve umire, a ti me ostavljaš
Ref. 2x
Kaži zbogom, ljubavi
Nek te vode drumovi
ja ti više nemam gde
ljubav umire
Kažu mi, da vreme leči tugu bol
ja ne živim od kad više nisi moj
ukleti staze, još me boli kraj
kako mi je samo ti me ne pitaj
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English translation

Say goodbye

They says to me that time is curing all wounds
they are lying, my happiness, it's harder than before
heaven is infernal up above us
everything is dying, and also you left me
Chorus 2x
Say goodbye, my love
let roads to lead you
I don't have to go nowhere anymore
love is dying
They says to me that time is curing sadness, pain
I don't live since you aren't mine
my paths are cursed, our end still hurts me
how is to me now, just you don't ask me that
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