Saša Matić - Kad Ljubav Zakasni (English translation)

English translation

When Love Comes Late

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If I had one more wish,
the one they call the last one.
For the first time, I'd know what I wish,
I'd wish, I'd wish for her.
If I had one last call,
last confession before God.
I also know who I'd call,
I'd call her, I'd call her.
To tell her you were everything to me,
i didn't know then I know now.
When true love comes late once,
others won't ever come
I'd give her my heart,
so that she can have two hearts
Only when she is fine,
I am fine too.
But I wouldn't give her my eyes,
then we would be the same
Then she wouldn't see for me,
when love comes late
If had the right to one more life,
to create destiny in a day
I know who I'd take with me,
I'd take her, I'd take her.
If I had the right to one more tear,
to place the last wound in it
I know who I'd mourn for
in the last tear I'd place her.
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Kad Ljubav Zakasni