Kadhja Bonet - The Visitor


The Visitor

Her gowns of gossamer
With sea blown in her hair
Ribbons left undone
Skin the color copper
She comes without a call
And doesn't say a word
Looking glass in hand
Candidly you watch it
If I don't look there, will I still feel bare, will it show my secrets?
If I don't confess, will I have regrets will it shape my future...
She sets a tarot card
A fool lies on his face
Lost despite his own
Compass yielding pocket
He can't be guided through
To get out his way
He'd just say
If I can just dismiss all the strengths I've missed
They will fall behind me
If I can just ignore all the faults in store
I can fool my future
Bring me love!
So many restless nights I brought unto myself
Ah, preparracion presentra puisance
The power lies in that you get just what you give
If I would do my best, no regard for perfect
I can bare my deepest
If I would do my best, no regard for perfect
I can guide my futre
I am love!
She flipped the tarot card and bent a smile that said
Ah preperation presentera puissance
The world was made for those who can begin again
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