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Darling, Don't Ask

The guitar is out of tune and the soul is sick
It is cold in the room but you're not here
The same song, the same tune
is not the same what it used to be.
You say, "Darling, don't ask, it's a bit messed up right now."
And then you snug close to me, we'll be together till the morning.
You say, "Darling, don't call me anymore.
Better still, forget me now and leave."
I want to wake up in your bed, to wish you pretty dreams,
to fly high with you, to try our luck with you.
I don't see the end of this story yet,
I won't let you get away that easily.
If you want it, I'll bring the stars down from the sky.
If you want it, I'll knit the sun into your mittens.1
  • 1. A reference to a song by Heidi Tamme and Uno Loop.
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Kallis ära küsi

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