Better Life Team - Kam Anta 3azeem (كم انت عظيم) (English translation)


Kam Anta 3azeem (كم انت عظيم)

إله عظيم
ليس مثلك
فى عدلك رحيم
أبارك اسمك
من نفسي قد انقذتنى
و بروحك افتقدتنى
محبتك تحصرنى
و عنها من يفصلنى
نعمتك تأسرنى
كم انت عظيم
عظيم يا الله
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English translation

How Great Are You

A great God,
unlike you,
You are merciful and just
I glorify Your name
You guided me
You tested me
You saved me from myself
And with your spirit, you missed me
Your love encompasses me
And who can separate me from it?1
And your blessings captivate me
How great are You
You are Great, oh God
  • 1. Rhetorical, i.e: No one can separate me from your love.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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