Kare Toe(Club MIX) (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Zibaei (Takta) (علی زیبایی - تکتا)
  • Song: Kare Toe(Club MIX)
  • Translations: English

Kare Toe(Club MIX)

وقتي تو شبام ستاره نبود
كه تنها بود دل دوره گردم
دلم پي حس عاشقي بود
آخر تو رو پيدا كردم
ديگه نمي تونه هيچ كسي بجز
تو مرحمي بشه واسه دردم
منتظر همين روزا بودم
آخر تو رو پيدا كردم
اگه كه اين حال منه
خوب و بدش كار توعه
روزاي خوب زندگيم
هر چي كه هست كار توعه
محال نگاهي بجز
تو عزيز دلم بشه
روزاي خوب زندگيم
هر چي كه هست
كار توعه ، كار توعه ،كار توعه
تا وقتي كنارمي يه حس قشنگي باهامه
خواستن و داشتن تو ته آرزوهامه
بگو منو دوست داري آخه تو رو از خدا خواستم
اسم تو عشقمه عشق تو رنگ صدامه
يه جايي تو گوشه ي قلبم
ميخام فقط اسم تو باشه
يه حسي تو عشق تو پيداست
دلم توي حال و هواشه
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It's because of you

When there were no stars at my nights
That my heart was so lonely
My heart was looking for love
Finally I found you
No one except you can ever be like a painkiller for my pains
I was waiting for these days
and I finally found you
If Im this way
good or bad its because of you
Good days of my life
whatever it is its because of you
Its impossible another glance except yours be my love
ood days of my life
whatever it is its because of you
because of you because of you because of you
Until you're with me a good feeling is with me
Wanting and having you is the end of my wishes
Tell me you love me cause I asked for having you from the God
Your name is my love, the feeling of your love is in my voice
somewhere in my heart
I just want your name in my heart
there's a feeling in your love
My feeling is all about her
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