Youssra El Hawary - Kashkouly (كشكولي) (English translation)

English translation

My Notebook

I lost my notebook an hour ago,
I lost my notebook an hour ago,
the one that was full of lines,
Words that were important to me
Words that were important to me
And its turn came [to go]
And I remembered that life is about lost things
And without my notebook
things are lost
If my beloved notebook
had taken another path in its way
Then was I the one who chose
for it to abandon me,
or was its abandonment forced upon me?
Before I traveled, why
was I scared to lose it?
Why didn't I hug it when I went out today,
tightly? Why didn't I give it a bit of tenderness,
draw it close to my heartbeat,
and give it a bit of tenderness..?
Maybe it left me
because it felt that I neglected it
I've been tearing pages off it since a couple of days
It seems that, without meaning to be cruel,
I tortured it
Even if necessity is responsible for this..
I left it
Left it..
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Kashkouly (كشكولي)