Katarungan (English translation)

  • Artist: Freddie Aguilar (Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar)
  • Song: Katarungan
  • Translations: English
English translationEnglish


In an iron prison
Someone is sad and crying
He asks himself
When will I see the light
Thinking deeply and
His hands are clenched
Why is he suffering
For the offense he didn't commit
Just yesterday he was
With his wife and child
Living in peace
In small home of joy
Happiness was cut
By an accusation
That it was his fault for
A crime he didn't commit
Is there no justice
For someone like him
How many more will suffer
That isn't guilty
Isn't the law equal
No rich nor poor
Why is that many are suffering
The innocent ones
In a few days
He will face the gallows
How will he shout
That he is innocent
Only God is his
Witness and knows
God will
Collect from the guilty ones
The day has come
He will face his death
In a steel chair that
Has claimed many lives
O, the law of man
Sometimes can't be understood
How many more will suffer
That isn't guilty
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Author's comments:

Song in the 70's or 80's about the social injustice during those times.



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