Като тебе втори няма (Kato Tebe Vtori Nyama) (English translation)

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You’re second to none

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Stop asking “Why,” “what” and all those types of questions, are you insane?
Just stop, you’re shaking while we’re in bed (being on drugs reference), keep jerking, I kinda like it.
And, you’re second to none! When I’m with you, it feels like I’m with two guys in bed. I feel I’m turning into liquid and flowing into something resembling foam (sexual reference). Your lips make me drunk.
Vanko: I’d hand it to you but you’re too easy (extremely derogatory, as he refers to his penis). Didn’t they call you Asia the “two times”? Your style is to “embroider” everyone (have sex with everyone). To hop from bed to bed and slowly die (of pleasure). Them (two football player boyfriends) passing you around is becoming banal, even when you cry, it seems commercial (disingenuous and intended to make profit).
Two “entering” you at the same time is like a “fresh” (meaning easy and normal). What do you think, darling - do the whores have cash?
And so what, you got interviewed by Karbovski on his show, I demand different treatment. So, you went from a girl from the streets to a pop folk icon or is it just the singer who is suckling from two places (two wealthy boyfriends)? I still remember when Vanko told you: “I don’t have money for this, you big floozy.” It’s all good, Asia will always be popular, hey, darling I’m from the nasty breed.
I’ll ink your name again all over my body, your saliva will drug me out, I know you secretly wish I’d put some makeup on, I’ll paint my nails in black.
There are no eyes like yours, no! And there’s no skin like yours. There are no hands like yours, and there’s no other man like you.
V: I do want to be with you, my little Jane!
A: I know, my baby tomcat - but I wear only Phillip Plein.
V: Before, you’d stay in the streets til 4:40am, but now you’re all 2014. You know I can be pretty brutal! Also, what about the ship businessman, is he still in the picture? There’s a real “depth” (wink) to you, darling - I know you’re the one who determines how much money you’re worth (commands a certain salary rate).
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Rumor has it that in this song and video, Azis is playing the role of a popular female pop folk performer who dated two Bulgarian football players at the time (~2013) and was known to go back and forth between the two of them. The beautiful brunette who appears in the video is known to have been married to one of the football players that are referenced in the lyrics.

Като тебе втори няма (Kato Tebe Vtori Nyama)

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