Bani - KAVKASIURI BALADA (English translation)

English translation

Caucasian ballad

I look at the beautiful blue sky over Chechnia,
And it's like the Sun opened its fan.
Gloomy towers are singing out
with Banu for the ancient Ghilgo .
My heart's been stolen by Kistina,
And my soul wants to flee to her.
Mother Chiukhi will not stop me,
I'll run away from Mikhto tonight.
I'll cover you with a burka (coat) till the morning,
I'll bring a horse without a trace on snow.
My dear (lying in my arms), trust me,
And I will clothe your frozen hands.
If my pursuer (enemy) reaches me
And Lashari's wish comes true,
Always remember that I loved you,
I never was a liar or a coward.
When there's darkness in my eyes
And I return my soul to Christ, Son of God,
My fatherland will mourn over my (dead) body,
And my heart will still miss Kistina.
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