Radhini - Kebebasan (English translation)

English translation


A story of a young girl who just take her steps in the real world
For a long time she secluded by her parents in her luxurious bedroom
Not so much later she glued to a form of crystal
She's astonished to see her beautiful face, while she wondered "is this me?"
"I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm free now
I'm happy, I'm happy, the world is beautiful"
Not so much later she's surprised to discover that
The real world is not as gracious as she ever imagined
But indifferently, she wondered why are they
ingratitute towards the blessings given to them; "they're really, they're really stupid"
[Chorus repeated 2 times]
The girl realized that she's already know
What she's seeking for is freedom
[Chorus repeated 3 times]
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