Keda Bye (كده باي) (English translation)

  • Artist: Nawal Al Zoghbi (نوال الزغبي)
  • Song: Keda Bye (كده باي) 4 translations
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Keda Bye (كده باي)

انت تزن تزن وانا
وانا ولا ايه ولا كأني هنا
جرب تقلي عشان تشتاقلي
ووعد لبعضنا بعد سنة
كده باي
واشوفك ع الصيف الجاي
واشوف هتعاملني ازاي
ساعتها ابقى اقرر
والقى سعادتي واعيش بهنا
اشتري مني انا بالي طويل
أصل كلام الحب جميل
يعني اكيد مش هتوقعني
الا اما تقدملي دليل
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This is Goodbye

You keep nagging me while I
do not respond as if I'm not there
Taste how I am ignoring you so you'll miss me
And I promise that after a year... 1
This is goodbye
And I'll see you next summer
At that time I will see how you treat me
And only then will I decide,
find happiness and live in bliss
Believe me, I have so much patience
And love words are so sweet
but surely you won't get me to fall [in love]
without giving me some proof
  • 1. alternative translation: and I promise we will be together after a year
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