Keep an eye on

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Keep an eye on (English) — To keep/maintain careful observation of someone or something. To be vigilant and watchful of their actions, noticeable traits and results.
"He is falling asleep here, I'm going to keep an eye on him.
*'Keep an eye out' is different, it refers more to expecting someone or thing.

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Keep an eye on — "Να’ χεις τα μάτια σου δεκατέσσερα"

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Keep an eye on — Haassííd (I am keeping an eye out on him, looking over him)
Diné da'dika'ígíí hazhó'ó haassííd nt'éé' t'ááłá'í 'ayóo bina'adlo' lá. (I kept an eye on (watched) the gamblers and found one was a crook)

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Translations of "Keep an eye on"

Hebrewלפקוח עין
SerbianDrži ga/to na oko

"Keep an eye on" in lyrics

Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt, lost, and blinded fool, fool
Oh no, I've said too much

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

Here and there fireflies spark,
Golden moon lost in waters dark
In the window piled clouds above
Go cloud go, keep an eye on my love...

Shreya Ghoshal - Go fly bird, sing breezes blowin'

i'm dreaming, singing, hoping, smiling, giving, flying, falling, fighting, crying, leaving, writing, when you love me.
i'm dreaming, singing, hoping, smiling, giving, flying, falling, fighting, crying, leaving, writing, when you love me.

I light a candle to light up your remorses, And I move fast to not remain outside, time flies fast so we need the gold, I have the flow of "ll cool j" when I need to love. I have a hand on my close ones, the other on a woman, I have a hand on the microphone the other on a gun, the succes is huge but we must keep our landmarks, the better the medal the prettier the other side. I write those few lines because often I get lost, defeat is an orphan, victory have a thousand fathers, I keep an eye on our lives, an eye on the world, an eye on my son, an eye on the clock. My breathless life sad anesthetic, when I suffer for you, I suffer with pleasure, in lieu of chorus, for the audience around me there is this voice coming back to tell you of all my love, to tell you of all my love......

miss me, miss me you're the one who makes me feel, makes me feel for real...

Youssoupha - Dreamin

[Verse 1]
Comin' on to the light of day,
we’ve got many moons that are deep at play.
So I keep an eye on the shadow's smile
to see what it has to say.
You and I both know

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark necessities

Idhar aur udhar jugnuon chamakte hain,
sone ka chaand[fn]Also “chandrama” in many Hindi dialects.[/fn]khoya andhere paanee mein hai.
Khiṛkee mein oopar baadalon lagaaye hue.
Jao baadal, jao, rakho mere pyaar ka khayaal[fn]If you'd literary translate the phrase "keep an eye on my love", the phrase would be "rakho nigaahein meri pyaar par" in Hindi-Urdu, but "khayaal rakhna" ("to look after" // "to take care") is the correct Hindi-Urdu equivalent of the English phrase "to keep an eye on".[/fn].

Jao panchi, gao, hawa uṛaane.

Shreya Ghoshal - Jao Panchi, Gao, Hawa Uṛaane

Where I go
Be confident , it's OK ,
Be confident , & be sure
Wherever you are , I keep an eye on you
My brother

Emmanuel Moire - Be confident

With the guys of the gang (2x)
Those guys there are really crazy
They get the girls on their knees
Keep an eye on you, my dear

Don't finish there, I'm fighting

BB Brunes - The gang

Living alone , far away from everything ,
Standing on the roofs of the world ,
I always keep an eye on you
When night holds the town ,
When hopes are dying

Amesoeurs - Matching souls

If you are the right one, I would stop being a killer.

Calmly you walk with me.
And here I easily keep an eye on you.
If you want you can stay the week-end
And use the Ferrari or the Lambo

Booba - G-Love


Oh telescope
Keep an eye on my only hope
Lest I blink and be swept off the narrow road
Hercules, you've got nothing to say to me

Owl City - Galaxies

once, I swore thee my loyalty.
Thou art my god, effigy and support.
Hel[fn]Hel = a realm of death from Norse mythology, which is presided over by a being with the same name that receives a portion of the dead.[/fn]with wars is no match for thee.
Keep an eye on me well, as I’m running towards Hel,
where dangers are lurking in every corner.
Anything can happen, Baldr[fn]Baldr (also <em>Balder</em>, <em>Baldur</em>) = a Norse god[/fn]is fighting now,

Skálmöld - Revenge

Dadju :
I keep an eye on you.
And even if you think I don't,
I do always keep an eye on you.
You're different from the others.
Really, don't worry.

The Shin Sekaï - Love Me Tomorrow

Who are you? Surpass the heart
Imitate the right, the end of thought freeze
Keep an eye on it, hunt it down for something's sake
With the spread of clones, hastely distribute the heterogeneity
If wannna go

TVXQ - Android

Men were eating meat, washing it down with beer
They didn’t understand a thing from the stableman’s speech

“I failed to keep an eye on her
That’s my fault.
But tell me: Isn’t she tasty?”

Korol' I Shut - Men were eating meat

I won't look at others' graces, and and I'll thank god for his graces.
knowing people's issues, lettin' you feel your issues are so petty.

I'll keep an eye on my tongue, and won't gossip on someone ain't here.
it's disrespect, when I talk about someone in his behind, because I can't do this in his presence.

Tamer Hosny - Start by yourself

With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers

If my body don't return, my soul will return
Bury me in applause, mommy

Don't keep an eye on my road
Behind steamy windows don't expect me
Surely I can't return tonight

Halit Bilgiç - Mommy

Coach said to fake right
And break left
Watch out for the pick
And keep an eye on defense
Gotta run the give and go
And take the ball to the hole

High School Musical (OST) - Get'cha Head In The Game

And know I seem like a despiser of the league"

"You don't know how it's like to wear a mask everytime
always keep an eye on who you are, how you live
always, actually the whole time, fear
and you pretend thewhole shit as best as you can"

Marcus Wiebusch - The Day Will Come

Mystrieeus meisje, meisje zonder naam

. Do you live far, do you live near, or in the neighbourhood
. I keep an eye on time, as long as it lasts
. Do you have a friend maybe, are you alone?
. I wait for you and I want you to know

Baby - Girl without a name

I let the wind put out,
To cool the flame
I watched it waiting, ["watch" as in keep an eye on]
Worshipping the light

Harmaja - I founder/sink

I know it's you
Won't you like to keep an eye on me
I know you like to keep an eye on me
Keep an eye on me
But if you want it got to let it be

Shakira - Spy

Beauty and green are now dust!
They captured us in a box; save us dear God.
O spring of love, you alone inhabit my heart.
Don't leave us and keep an eye on our country in the hard days.

Majida El Roumi - Spring of Love

Oh God, i hope, you keep an eye on me

Oh God, i hope, you keep an eye on me
Oh God, i hope, you keep an eye on me

Oh, Oh, Oh - Oh, Oh, Oh

Nephew - Oh God (I Hope You Keep An Eye On Me)

it's night now, it's night now
everything is more clear and better
it's night now, it's night now
you didn't keep an eye on her, you didn't see
it's night now, it's night now
your girl is mine now

Električni Orgazam - When all girls become mine

Never believe, when I say, that I don't want
Never believe at all and don't keep an eye on me
Between us always will be some lie and some truth
You will know about it anyway

Myslovitz - Secrets and Lies

Nothing left to surprise me, nothing else makes me bend
Since I've got my head stuck in a bag
Some pretend they don't know me
Others keep an eye on me, they persist, they annoy me
So I bust them
And everything's so easy when we walk in our city

Doc Gynéco - Nirvana

I want a tattoo!

And maybe baby you should get one too
So I can always keep an eye on you
Stamp of love for everyone to see
Then I swear I’ll stop checking your Blackberry

Jessica Lowndes - Stamp of love

Always right behind me

Whatever I take on, they remember me
That we have to keep an eye on them on this peninsula
I've been trying so hard
To find a place where they still hadn't been

Hladno Pivo - Politics

Without even thinking of returning
We lost ourselves in the clouds
Like the migrating birds
To keep an eye on the girls of one day (?)
And so that the madmen couldn't knock us over
We took the side roads

Francis Cabrel - The back roads

but i'm walking and fro
always thinking about the ways i chose

welcome back yesterday ... not far away ... i'll keep an eye on you
tell me how could i forget all the angers i once had
should i start again ... to find the same ... that i once left behind

Wolfsheim - Real

You're looking Left and Right, through the doors you shut so tight,
But as long as you're away, they open up to scare you soon.

So, Keep an eye on all your toys 'cus some don't look the same.
Your chance to act is short enough to turn your mind insane,
The Plushtrap gets impatient from the overwhelmed sensation,

DAGames - Break my mind

[Verse 1]
I keep an eye on you
And even if you think it’s wrong
I keep an eye on you
You're different from the others
And don’t worry

The Shin Sekaï - Love me tomorrow

Keep an eye on me,
Keep an eye on me
Keep an eye on me

Frida Sundemo - Keep an Eye on Me

We explore the planet in seconds till the edge

Keeping up! Keeping pace! Keeping mind and body fit!
Always keep an eye on your balance and the gas price!
Beautiful cars, beautiful women, beautiful country
Colour a beautiful life for yourself, don’t exceed the borders

Jennifer Rostock - Game for time

they are waiting the sun at the posts

Every morning they put up fishing lines
they keep an eye on traps and nets

And the seagulls are waiting

Vinko Coce - Fishermen

Аpplause for the liar......
The most famous liar in the world is coming!

Why have you come? You were told to keep an eye on me.
Why he hasn't come? Is he lying women like he is lying me?
if he shows up, I will takе my hat off to him....

Emanuela - Аpplause for the liar

I'm an explorer
You'll want to keep an eye on me [fn value="3"]Any better way of translating this?[/fn]
I'm an adventurer
You'll want to keep an eye on me

I've been to Borneo

Jacques Dutronc - The Explorer

Why are you satisfied?

When you left you said
I'm gonna keep an eye on you
Well I don't mind if you do
But you can't keep quiet

The Kills - Rodeo Town

Someone drops a sigh
An' down you tumble

Keep an eye on spring
Run when church bells ring
It could happen to you

Creamydk - It Can Happen

There was a wooden drawer under the bed with most of my clothes in, the rest was over the back of the chair.
I had a record player on a table and boxes of records underneath.
The bathroom for the first and the second floor was opposite my room,
it had a meter for the water which took two 50pence pieces, you'd have to wait half an hour for the water to heat up, and keep an eye on the door in case some sod pinched your bath.
There was one toilet upstairs and one outside, but no one used the outside one anymore, so it was where the local prostitutes would take their clients for a quickie.
I'd spend as little time as I could in my room, my skin was still warm and soft from the bath as I walked into town.

Tindersticks - Chocolate


All of these people keep an eye on me
They are unable
and my good old friends

Aphrodite's Child - The other people

Tip toeing over Florida
Louisiana to Bama
Then hit the streets of Las Vegas
to keep an eye on the parents
Shake it up in Seattle
But the weathers kinda gloomy

MattyBRaps - Turn Up The Track

seeing time go by.

I looked straight at it and was lost in its eyes,
its arches keep an eye on me, its shadow goes with me,
I don't try to hide, no-one can trick it,
all life pases before its gaze.

Manuel Landeta - The Citadel Gate

Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool
Oh no I've said too much

Anouk - Losing My Religion

Latin thug roll deep pandillero
Puro Los Angeles South side ghetto
Carpet, car black y perro loco
Keep an eye on that fiend, porque yo me la cojo
'E pingado, poca lita
Saco mi pinga y me singo la pista

Cypress Hill - Latin Thugs

I hear here and there that you're a big athlete -
only boom-bam and that's it from you!
And I see here and there how you're posing -
you're keep an eye on your next woman!

Come on, come on, my baby, come on, come on,

Ani Hoang - I Won't Make You Wait

Come come you coy beloved with arched eyebrows

Your skullcap is here, don't look for it, it's in my pocket
If world were filled with beauty, I still would keep an eye on you

Rastak - Come Come

Even if you know how (to do it) - be on your guard!

We don't notice that the nights become days, stay!
We keep an eye on each other from distance, hoping that we'll meet each other's eyes, maybe!
There's no way we can stop, this moment is ours!
The life is like a game - we're serious, but for fun!

Mihaela Fileva - Be On Your Guard

I killed an eel, I buried it's body,
a tree sprouted and know you have cononuts,
What's the point? learn the lesson,
keep an eye on Maui who is in the middle of the action.

And the tapestry that I've painted on my skin

Moana (OST) - You're Welcome

And one hundred eyes keep an eye on us:
You’re alone»
«Our strength is in [those] one hundred hands
And one hundred eyes keep an eye on us:
You’re alone.»
«If you want to, you can go…»

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - One Hundred Hands and One Hundred Eyes

“Come closer”, – she said.

“Come closer”, – she said,
“I just keep an eye on you”

Émilie Simon - Closer

People here truly know no wrong doing

May the Virgin Mary
Keep an eye on the sea
And bless them
With life and good health for her people

Fantcha - Maio, My Homeland

Get it right in the heat of the night.

Walk the rope in the temple of sin.
Keep an eye on the records I spin.
Through the gates to the temple of love
Where the DJ comes crashing from the heavens above.

Bodies Without Organs (BWO) - Temple of love

I have my head in the clouds
and a foot on the ground
I escape, I take off
but I'll keep an eye on you
I love your springtimes
which come into my dreams

Shy'm - With a full heart

Every whisper
Of every waking hour
I'm choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool
Oh no, I've said too much

Bell - Losing My Religion

Drenched in the high-beams
you're the girl of my dreams
I'll run my battery down to the floor
So I can keep an eye on you

You're glowing like a cathode ray tube

HYDDE - Easy

Yesterday, Madam Francisca
Called me from way over there
To tell me to keep an eye on you
The other day, Mr. Domingo came to see me
And begged me to keep my brat on a leash

Elida Almeida - I Want Her To Myself

Well giving up is easy, you play it safe
You'll be a memory reminding me to learn from my mistakes
Slow down keep an eye on what you're after
Face down with your back to the disaster
No one said we ever had to change

We Are The In Crowd - This Isn't Goodbye, It's BRB

Held the elevator, check the levels that we've grown through
Philanthropic maybe cause I did my dirt
There, I’m haunted, honestly I never fronted all is all I ever wanted
Keep an eye on hustlers, watch out for the schemers
No more kid gloves for the dreamers
Awake trying to live dreams physically, energy is extreme

dilated peoples - The Bigger Picture

What your heart don't see ain't no mystery
Take a tip from me
Stop your weepin', keep an eye on love, love, love
Keep an eye on love


Ernestine Anderson - Keep an eye on love

I'll keep an eye on you

I'll keep an eye on you
I'll keep an eye on you

I'm my own worst enemy

Signe Svendsen - My Worst Enemy

Well you-u
Don’t have to follow

Keep an eye on the killer
Borrowed from a friend
Cause if he had its ways

The Rascals - Out Of Dreams

Closer than you think
Let me dream
Far from the storms of the world
I keep an eye on you
Watch your sleep
do not run away

Der W - Story Hater

There it is, there it is watching time go by, la Puerta de Alcalá

I look at it in the face, I get lots in its eyes
Its arches keep an eye on me, its shadow walks with me
I'm not trying to hide; nobody can deceive it
All of life goes through its stare

Anahí - La Puerta de Alcalá

Your own well-being that comes with dancing solo
Is equivalent to putting your head through a wall
Listen again, this is no ballroom dancing
Watch out for anything and keep an eye on everybody
Even those close to you can be dirty dancers
And then you can stumble on a buried hatchet

WWO - Careful when you dance

And look, it happened, there is justice in this world
Now I’m shouting together with others: “We said this would happen
When workers fought for him, they helped him win”
Keep an eye on everything, here the parson took control over me
I don’t think, I don’t feel, I just work

Kazik - One Hundred Million

- Ah, but you're going to be very helpful to us, you see all the tools are very wicked
As soon as we look for them, they understand and they go and hide.
- Because they're afraid of the hammer blows?
- Of course, so you sit yourself on this stool and keep an eye on them
that will save us lots of time

Marcel Pagnol - My father's glory

I'll keep an eye on you
I'll keep an eye on you
Oh, I'll keep an eye on you
I'll keep an eye on you

Søs Fenger - Keep An Eye On You

If my mom knew
I would get caught
And my brother
Would come and keep an eye on me

So you'll understand

Chantal Goya - First, tell me your name

These girls don't even know my name
And I come, I stay, I leave
I know I don't deserve it
But keep an eye on me

[Chorus: Richie](2x)

Richie Campbell - Water

Seriously the teachers say one can't succeed without doing studies;
Nervously Father tells me not to wear short skirts;
Mother lectures me to be very careful,
preventing the boys who keep an eye on me from being close to me;
But love is so beautiful and moving in songs and poems;
the romantic novels by my pillow make me crazy;

Priscilla Chan - Puberty

On top of that peak, there's a light,
there's a light, there's a light,
You must keep an eye on,
an eye on, an eye on.

Nadau - To the Edelweiss

I can not hide it, God knows that I tried...

"That they don't enter, that they don't see
Being nice, you need to keep an eye on that!
Seem happy, don't let it know"
It's to late!

Disney Fandubs - Release it

Don't be mad at me, I failed
I had to go away
I had no choice, I had to set sail
But you keep an eye on me
You told me
But I lowered my arms before it was time

Souf - Failed

Even though months pass
And Summer Becomes Winter
And we part ways
I'll keep an eye on you

You could never become a stranger

ULTRAMARIN - Brothers of Blood

J'étais le prince de l'audimat! Me voilà roi du monde entier!
Aux côtés d'Alex Hirsch propulsé par Disney XD!
Je te rends ta chauve-souris m'emmerde pas va faire joujou!
Même si tu meurs empoisonné I keep an eye on you!


The Mamadou - RBG #18 - Joker vs. Bill Cipher

I might forget you, João

Call me all the time
Keep an eye on me
Take care of my heart
Solve all my problems

Tiê - Amulet

Open mind! And try to hard!
Realize! Realize! What I need!
輝いてみせるから keep an eye on!
Cheer you up!

T-ara - Happy Rain