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刑務所はいっぱい (Keimusho wa ippai) (English translation)

  • Artist: Ningen Isu (人間椅子)
  • Song: 刑務所はいっぱい (Keimusho wa ippai) Album: 怪人二十面相
English translationEnglish

Jailhouse's Packed

Now I've arrived my home inside the iron gate
First I'm gonna wink to the guards to say I'm back
The roommate is that guy who issued an extra
His speciality is a lullaby of corruption
It increases more and more
It increases rapidly
It increases very well
It increases steadily
Jailhouse's packed
Well, I'll have a introduce about myself
My mother has eloped with sailor from somewhere
My father is a drankard and boaster man
I learned stealing before speaking words
(*1 repeat)
Crazy guys and cool guys
Go away decent one
Bastards and scoundrels
Hangout for funny guys
(*1 repeat)
Look at the scammers, speculators and newcomers in line
Now is the right time for the prison breaks
My buddy is a man o'war, the demon sergeant
Pardon me for leaving and see you again in hell
The siren begins to sound
It goes straight to the prison
The siren begins to growl
Jailhouse is already full
Already full
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刑務所はいっぱい (Keimusho wa ippai)

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