Melotron - Kein Morgen (English translation)

  • Artist: Melotron (Andy Krueger, Edgar Slatnow and Kay Hildebrandt)
  • Album: Sternenstaub
  • Song: Kein Morgen
English translation

No tomorrow

We are young
With no plans
Whatever comes to us
And the night
Knows our sons
So don't
We feel the rhyme
Of cold lights
And the big city captures us
You are sure
That there will be
No tomorrow for us
No questions
No way back
Are you sure you want to live forever?
No mercy
No way back
So the world must go hang
The blood runs
Through veins
The rush burns in storm
Always faster
Always wanting for more
Right here, right now
All the borders
This night is yours
So much
And still so little
For us there will be
No tomorrow
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Kein Morgen