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Keresni téged (English translation)

  • Artist: Tales Of Evening
  • Song: Keresni téged
English translationEnglish

Looking for you

Being alone in quiet solitude
He1flees to a decrepit thought
Every invisible word is causing tentative pain
I can't find myself in this world
Without you
Look up at the sky if you're alone!
Look deep into your heart before you would speak!
Look at the radiant stars up high!
Look at your dreams you've left in the depths!
Stand in the way of the sweeping wind!
Against the lies it's shouting like a hurricane
Stand on the top of dark, icy cliffs!
Alone with me, as a human being!
If coldness greets you under the clouds
Where only an old lantern's light shines
I set out on a journey to you in the moonlight
Wandering in the treacherous haze, I repeat your name a thousand times
  • 1. Or "she", "it".
    The 3rd person pronoun isn't gender specific in Hungarian.
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Keresni téged

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