خليتي في قلبي جرح (Khaliti Fi Galbi Jarh) (English translation)

  • Artist: Mehdi Mozayine
  • Song: خليتي في قلبي جرح (Khaliti Fi Galbi Jarh)
  • Requests: French
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You Left a Wound In My Heart

Hey , you left a wound in my heart
You left a burn that never heals
After you go , I never see a happy moment
People who never experienced won't know what I'm going through.
How can I forget you
People like you cannot be forgotten
The story started with a big love
And today I'm paying (my mistakes) in cash.
I remember when I was with you
I remember when we were strong
Despite of what years did to me
Your love will be always engraved in my heart.
I keep solacing myself telling that
You will come back to me
No matter how long we are separated
I know that you will not abandon me.
You , who my eyes were crying for
Only God knows where you are now
I wonder if your heart still remember me
Or I'm forgotten.
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خليتي في قلبي جرح (Khaliti Fi Galbi Jarh)

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