Khodaya (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Lohrasebi (علی لهراسبی)
  • Song: Khodaya
  • Translations: English
English translationEnglish

O God!

The bitter fever of oblivision made me forgotten you
I am getting used to this oblivision and silence
why is my heart so blind? why doesnt my walking stick work?
which vawe of distress washed u away from my mind?
O God! you said it yourself that the distance between us is short!
From where i am standing it is so far to the sky
i hate this repetition, this pale smile
this despair which made me forgotten you
i got caught in darkeness, my night has lost the moon
Take the old pain of sleepiness from my blind eyes
why cant i cry? Is my heart from stone?
O God! where am i going? where am i standing in this road?
I want to fall in love but the temptation of this world wont let me
It grows apple trees on my way to PARADISE.
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Author's comments:

so beautiful! specially the last part when it is talking about temptations growing apple trees on mankind's way to paradaise! referring to the story of adam's apple! :-)



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