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The US Presidents Song

We're the Presidents of America
up to 2015
Here’s our names and corky facts
in American history
I’m George Washington the first president
I didn’t have wooden teeth
They were made of lead, brass, gold, bone, and
hippopotamus ivory
2nd president John Adams here
and I'd often skip school
You would find me fishing or hunting
when breaking the school rule
The 3rd president Thomas Jefferson
in 1801
I died the same day as John Adams
my rival number 1
James Madison the 4th president
And also the shortest one
At 5 feet and 4 inches tall
The father of the constitution
James Monroe the 5th president
Passed on the 4th of July
No candidates ran against me
in 1820 thats no lie
I’m John Quincy Adams
6th president of the United States
in the east room of the white house
my pet alligator showed it’s face
7th president Andrew Jackson
I taught my parrot how to swear
I was the first president to ride a train
and was Irish if you care
8th in office Martin Van Buren
First American born president
I had two pet tiger cubs
And was of dutch ascent
William Henry Harrison
the 9th US president
I only served one month in office
The shortest tenure ever spent
John Tyler was the 10th president
the least liked of them all
My entire cabinet resigned
because I was volatile
11th president James Polk
I was in office for 1 term
In that time the US grew
one third and that is confirmed
I was the 12th president Zachary Taylor
The war hero
I was only in office for over a year
With not much to show
Millard Fillmore and I was the 13th
president that you see
California became a free state
during my presidency
My names Franklin Pierce
The 14th president in office
I was arrested for running over
an old lady with my horse yes
I’m James Buchanan
the 15th US president
I was the only life long bachelor
and thats just how my life went
I am Abraham Lincoln
The 16th president
I’m the tallest of them all
The only one to hold a patent
Andrew Johnson here
I was the 17th president
I never attended any school
but I sure did make a dent
We're the presidents of America
up to 2015
Here’s our names and corky facts
in American history
I’m Ulysses S. Grant
the 18th US president
The “S” in my name means nothing
it was given by accident
I’m Rutherford Hayes
the 19th president the US saw
And I was the first to allow woman
to practice law
I’m The 20th US president
James A. Garfield on the scene
To stay in shape I’d juggle
Indian clubs in my exercise routine
Hi I’m Chester Arthur
I’m the 21st president
I took over the white house office
after Garfield passed and went
I’m the 22nd president
I am Grover Cleveland
I changed my name as an adult
I used to be named Stephen
I’m Benjamin Harrison
the 23rd president
The first to have electricity in the white house
but I was scared to use it
It’s Grover Cleveland
The 24th and president once again
I’m the first to be the president twice
And I’m bragging about my win
I’m president number 25
William McKinley’s my name
I was the first president to ride in a car
How bout that for fame
I’m president #26
Theodore Roosevelt what a guy
And the first American to obtain
The Nobel Peace Prize
27th president here
William Howard Taft
I was the last president with facial hair
Now how about that
I am Woodrow Wilson
The 28th president discussed
My second wife was
a direct descendant of Pocahontas
I’m the 29th president
Warren Harding is my name
I officially ended world war one
That’s my claim to fame
I’m the 30th president
my name’s Calvin Coolidge
I had a dog named Peter Pan
In no way is that foolish
my name is Herbert Hoover
I’m president 31
I was an orphan at age nine
and a millionaire when done
I’m Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd in command
I had a half brother
and I loved collecting stamps
My name is Harry S.Truman
I was the 33rd president
The “S” in my middle name
Is just an “S” with no end
I’m Dwight Eisenhower
And was the 34th president
I was the first leader in office
With a pilots license
We're the presidents of America
up to 2015
Here’s our names and corky facts
in American history
John F. Kennedy’s my name
and I’m president 35
I issued an executive order
to bring the Peace Core to life
I’m the 36th president
Lyndon Johnson is my name
I liked playing tricks on people
It was a large part of my fame
My name’s Richard Nixon
I was leader 37
Walt Disney kidnapped me
When I was vice president
I am Gerald Ford
President number 38
My given name when was born
was Leslie ain’t that great
Hi I’m Jimmy Carter
the 39th leader that you see
As a child I stole a penny at church
and my father punished me
I am the 40th leader
Ronald Reagan is my name
I use to be a movie star
before the office i did claim
I’m George H. W. Bush
president number 41
I met Babe Ruth when I played baseball
At Yale and it was fun
I was the 42nd president
Bill Clinton is my name
I played saxophone
and it does not sound lame
I was president George W. Bush
the 43rd you see
My dad was a better president
than I could ever be
Hello I’m Barack Obama
The 44th president you know
I won a Grammy in 2006
It wasn’t for music though
We're the presidents of America
up to 2015
Here’s our names and corky facts
in American history
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