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Pardon Me lyrics

  • Artist: Kill Ebola
  • Album: Angry Ai

Pardon Me

My toxicity
Passing fucking faucet leaks
Popping zs
Un-sticking psyche, sawing problem trees
Charring leaves
Teens fake
Kicking fuck boy soccer teams
AR aimed at where thy fucking targets be
Janitor, need to get my shit together, pardon me
You probably pop whatever's poppin', pathetic programmed honestly
Impulse, escape, embark with boo, flew to a new odyssey
But the problems always follow me, like Russian fans for darker beats
Tard for weeks
Benzo bottle gone before the birds chirp
Hurt worse
Steady stumble down a spiral u can't nurse worth
Best when you beside me stretch u out like its ur first birth
Earth's dirt
Do not disturb im trynna be in work first
Pardon me, part of me partially ponder hard beliefs
The other part retarded from popping pills till its hard to breathe
The other part is hard to sleep, tries to pack up, depart, and leave
Withdrawing from reality, ATMs, local pharmacies
So pardon me
Why are you remarking bout me constantly
I also wanna harm me, keep talking 'cus it don't bother me
Distant how a father be, web her face peter parker strings
Got offers on a coffin rockin' chains i made from vulture beaks so pardon me
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