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Baseline Raver lyrics


Baseline Raver

People ask me when I'll go to bed,
Not ever gonna stop,
Not ever 'till I'm dead,
I'm not hungry for the bread,
I'm just hungry for the knowledge,
Cos knowledge is wisdom,
So are you gonna listen (look),
I'm not gonna be a slave to the system,
I'm just gonna take a rave on a system,
Maybe its time that we save our system,
Maybe it's time that we do something different ('n me I'm just a baseline raver),
Don't need weed, speed, heroin,
Don't need E, coke, ketamine,
Never mind if that sounded like Dizzie's,
It doesn't matter, pass the fizzy,
Did I say fizzy (oops) I meant water,
That's what you should be drinking you ought to (and me I'm just a baseline raver).
Don't wear Nike, that promotes slave labor - (me I'm just a baseline raver)
And I'm cheesy - packet of quavers
Never mind "you should have gone Specsavers",
Never mind that - I like to dance on tables,
And me I'm just a baseline raver
Yeah I'm just a baseline raver.
  • E,:

    Slang. Stands for the street drug, ecstacy.

  • Dizzie's,:

    Can be taken as the rappers name Dizzie Rascal...

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Submitted by Kimmy23Kimmy23 on 2018-06-24
Last edited by Kimmy23Kimmy23 on 2020-07-28
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I will add translations that I have received by Monday


BratBrat    Sun, 24/06/2018 - 18:31

S4L3 speck savers -> Specsavers, maybe? Or am I missing some allusion?

Kimmy23Kimmy23    Sun, 24/06/2018 - 18:33

Nope - I think word may have edited this.Thanks for spotting this one Regular smile

Kimmy23Kimmy23    Wed, 24/07/2019 - 07:26

anyone is able to translate a lyric of mine into another language please I will be eternally grateful, I will also accredit you for your help in a book which I am writing about my project, which you may chose to include a piece of work or advertisement of your own in if you wish  - it is my dream and life purpose to learn to either sing or rap all of my lyrics in at least 23 languages! Teeth smile I did not translate this lyric, a friend did it for me so proofreads would also be really really beautiful. Thank you for reading

Kimmy23Kimmy23    Mon, 19/08/2019 - 06:25

लोग मुझसे पूछते हैं कि मैं बिस्तर पर कब जाऊंगा,
कभी रुकने वाला नहीं,
कभी नहीं 'जब तक मैं मर चुका हूँ,
मुझे रोटी की भूख नहीं है,
मैं सिर्फ ज्ञान का भूखा हूं,
कोस ज्ञान ज्ञान है,
तो क्या आप सुनने वाले हैं

I have only part of it in Hindi, which I therefore can't publish as a post yet but I need to save it Regular smile

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