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Beauty Rise lyrics

  • Artist: Kimberley Michelle Barr
  • Translations: Polish

Beauty Rise

I was broke then had nothing, not even shoes,
Little did I know it was cos of drug use,
And when I saw him toot, I was just so confused,
And I was just sixteen, and he was nearly twenty two,
Before soon - I had a bun in the oven, and then another,
Became a mother, since every day has been a struggle, and yeah I struggle - but still I'm always I'm truly fine,
one day I know I'm gonna blow up and watch my beauty rise,
Still I hold no bad feelings and I'm fine with my duty ties,
Maybe one day I'll find mine in a suit and tie, ready to see the beauty rise,
I may be stressed but I'm still blessed, really been on that Uni vibe, unified, by the images God placed within my mind, I may be stressed but I'm still blessed ready to watch the beauty rise
Submitted by Kimmy23Kimmy23 on 2022-09-05
Submitter's comments:

I would love and appreciate having this text translated into any language at all - I'm more than happy to have a go with some English transcriptions in return, feel free to drop me an inbox anytime


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