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A woke lyrics


A woke

Awake I'm gasping for air, sitting in my chair, trying my best not to love you - but I still love you...
Im pulling out my hair and I'm trying my best not to care now.... but I think I love you...
Yeah I still love you.
And all the things that you told me... Things that you told me 'lies',
And in the dream their faces - white and, frozen with ice,
like the piece of my heart that you hung like art back down in paradise.
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Submitted by Kimmy23Kimmy23 on 2020-12-03
Last edited by Kimmy23Kimmy23 on 2021-02-12
Submitter's comments:

This song was not written by me, even though it was. For a long time I have dreams with new music from all genra's. This is the first in which I heard a male rather than a female, or my own voice.

Regular smile - nevertheless, it isn't a published lyric anywhere else so I wish to save it in this project/dream of mine.

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