Rabia 2 - Kime Ne Arkadaşım (English translation)

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My friend,it's none of their business

I don't know how many times we got a raw deal
By swearing not to love we can't forbid the love
If both of us are becoming happy with messages
Don't hesitate,if we speak face to face we become very happy
Let's not content ourselves with good wishes
I don't want the time to go to waste with things like tactic etc
By saying “let's hope for the best” let's not stand around
In my opinion,if we want something a lot it happens.Why not ?
I fell asleep with my phone in my hand
I daydreamed with my head in the clouds
How many times a human fall in love ?
This is my heart,I love..my friend,it's none of their business
Ahmet KADI
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Kime Ne Arkadaşım

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