Christina Stürmer - Kind des Universums (English translation)

English translation

Child of the universe

Is it wrong not to love anymore
From whom is my happiness borrowed
Why is falling in love so easy
Is the best always somewhere else
Why am I under your spell
When will my life finally start
I am a child of the universe
Always search for perfection
See that the truth remains out of reach
In the light of the stars I find what I longed for
A place in the universe of my dreams
How much salt is in all my tears
What should I still long for
Who has invented the kiss
Why do I think about tomorrow today
Where do the angels go with me
Are you my life elixir
Tell me, truth, whereto
Do you withdraw
Do you only play with the reality
Is that what I see a reflection
Of the world which can’t stand the truth
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Kind des Universums

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