Kind of pain

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Kind of pain (English) — Такая боль

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"Kind of pain" in lyrics

Only makes me love you more

And this kind of pain, only time takes away
That's why it's harder to let you go
And nothing I can do, without thinking of you

Nickelback - Trying Not To Love You

Settin' fire to yesterday
Find the light, find the light, find the light
I'm standin' in the flames
It’s a beautiful kind of pain
Settin' fire to yesterday
Find the light, find the light, find the light

Eminem - Beautiful Pain

weep not for paths left alone
'cause beyond every bend
Is a long blinding end
It's the worst kind of pain I've known

Give up your heart left broken

Linkin Park - Roads Untraveled

Your longing never ends
What kind of pain is this? It never fades away
A life without you
I don't know which difficult day begins

Gece Yolcuları - Why

Who read your mind and read your eyes
For whom you'd give away your life, year by year
For whom you can endure
Any kind of pain and torture as if it was a gift..
That's the way things go -
Easy come, easy go..

Eduard Asadov - How Many Of Those Who You Can Share Your Bed With

As usual you're kissing me, but only in my dream

'Carlija' wind blows from the south (I don't know what Carlija means..)
and some kind of pain is transferred into me
Holland is getting colder
A lot of doors, not a single gate

Zdravko Čolić - Birthplace

I'm lost inside

Darkness is here to stay
A different kind of pain
I'm feeling
Longer days

Triple A - Winter Stayed

I could love this way
I could love this way

Oh, you can't get even with this kind of pain
But to see you steady brings the calm, again
Say oh my baby let them stay the same

Tanita Tikaram - Only The Ones We Love

I didn't tell you, "You couldn't understand me."
Maybe I failed to express, both myself and my love.
I thought everything "will be forgotten over time"
I could stand every kind of pain, but my heart didn't obey.
Please, take a look...

Rafet El Roman - Don't Tell Me About Separation

I just lie, lie, lie to myself

Do you know, do you feel
What kind of pain you're leaving me with
And you can take my soul
Because you know that I'll forgive you everything

Karolina Gočeva - I lie to myself

Trying to hide the pain.
I'm going to the place where love
And feeling good don't ever cost a thing,
And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

Well I'm going home

Daughtry - Home

know,the summer will come again with the love
anew after kind of pain ,comes the joy

don't seek him anymore!He have been formerly ,

Gloria - Circle

I wish you could love like me
You are at loss for words
You just don't know what to do, your hands in your bosom, you cry
What kind of pain is this, you'll understand one day too

Turkish Poetry - I Wish You Could Love Like Me

When she left with no goodbye
I was stuck with those lonely nights
You know what I mean, it’s always the same
Ain’t no medicine for that kind of pain
Someday comes and goes away
Bringing me a better day

Mark Knopfler - Someday

Turn into yesterday, I wonder
A world without even a sound
It can’t be healed
No matter what kind of pain, you would endure it
As you look up at the falling, thick snow
All by yourself

SHINee - Colors of the Season

I think ? fell in love very madly
what kind of pain is that ,sweet-bitter together
just to see your face for two minutes
im madly waiting for u to come back day and night

Erhan Güleryüz - Cok Fena As?k Oldum

i am waiting alone in my room
but my love , you're not by my side

if you know what kind of pain i am living inside
it is so hard my dear

Selim Gülgören - you're not by my side

*,**Have a kind of pain of want, yet fear to see you
There is still a kind of love buried in my heart
I can only put you in my heart
This kind of pain of want to, yet cannot see you
Let me miss you stronger and stronger
But I can only put you, put you in my heart

Sandy Lam - Heard that Love had come Back

Thought I’ve seen enough to know it all
But not enough to know how it feels to fall
But the kind of pain you left me with
It never seems to heal
And it never lets me go

Henry Lau - I Would

Now I’m running blind running blind
I can’t explain
Last night I saw the fireworks,
the kind of pain that never hurts
The one you hate to love that’s made for you
Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon

Backstreet Boys - Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

There's a rage, a silent kind of rage
It makes you live out on the edge
There's a pain, a different kind of pain
Knowing time will change everything

Europe - A Mother's Son

Another place I find to escape the pain inside
You don't know the chances. What if I should die?!
A place inside my brain, another kind of pain
You don't know the chances. I'm so blind!

Korn - Blind

With no regrets then

Next time, I won't suffer this kind of pain
Own my mistakes
Not just pass off all the blame

Rascal Flatts - Better Now

There a good kind of pain
and insane kinda sane (when I'm around you 2x)

There a chill in the heat
Feel the sky at my feet cuz I adore you
I cant ignore you

Lindsay Lohan - Symptoms Of You

My ancient forests,
And eternal rustlings
You know how to give wings
to each kind of pain.
Green grass, a gentle rustling,
A bird on the branch, the clear blue sky...

Nadejda Chepraga - My beautiful forests

Where I used to have a heart

I guess I'll learn to live with
A different kind of pain
I'm suffering from a sickness
That I cannot give a name

Martina McBride - Where I Used To Have A Heart

Let's make sure we do it someday

The day I stood up to my father
It was a pointless kind of pain, but
Someday I'll apologize
I'll be good and apologize

Mana Ogawa - School Life

It's a different kind of pain
A different kind of pain

It's a different kind of pain [x6]
It's a different kind of

Cold - A Different Kind of Pain

My friends tell me
that you're a real idiot
there should be medicine
for that kind of pain

You're sitting at home

Marina Visković - A Song About Woman

talk to me,talk to me
I never kiss you
Ah,what a kind of pain

Dimitris Ifantis - I'm burning and I'm melting

I look for you now in the tree top of memories
This summer was our last
Know, the summer will come again with the love
after kind of pain, comes the joy.

Serbian chorus 2x

Luna (Serbia) - Don't leave me/Circle

Countless wishes no one dares to say cause they wil never be fulfilled.
Who can bare to loss so many hopes, who can get rid of any love or hatred.
Fear not to the ttime, step ahead and reach the other side.
Without grief or sorrow, for I have already tasted every kind of pain.

Alfred Hui - Regretless

We're connected by an angel's secret chains

This time we're rising angels and we will never be the same
Cos' the pain we feel's a different kind of pain
Shadows from heaven's places
We know we'll never be the same

Max Jason Mai - Rising angels

Why should I wait for you to poison me?

Screaming silently, too afraid to speak
Violent kind of pain that doesn't bleed
Your beauty destroys me slowly
Still I can't let it go

Hypnogaja - Venomous

It takes every shiny stone but leaves the dirt
For the cowards in the corner who just don't know what they're worth

They've been twisted by a hollow kind of pain
Oh I can see it in their eyes but I ignore it every day

Villagers - The Meaning of a Ritual

You kiss me and I bleed
Tell me, what mistake am I paying for?
And if I deserve this kind of pain
Tell me, what have I done to you?
And your hatred makes you,

Nikos Giannou - Kill Me

And now we're here at a stand still
I wonder if you feel
The kind of pain that rips your insides out?
That's something I know all about
Shocking, ain't it?

The Living Tombstone - I Can't Fix You

My life's in jeopardy
I opened Pandora's box *and all evils came into
But there was a small hope that still keeps me alive
There's no therapy for this kind of pain
Beautiful pain

Mary M - Illusions

The dancing flower petals flutter in the breeze
Slipping through the gaps in my heart
All I can do is face my feelings
No matter what kind of pain comes to attack my heart again
I won't forget
I'll start walking as my dreams and wishes are carried on the spring breeze

Bleach (OST) - Spring Breeze

What kind of love, what kind of pain
I gave to you, I take the blame
If you don't love me anymore
Pull the curtains, close the door
If we share the street, just walk to the other
Walk to the other side

Heimlich - Otherside (Radio Mix)

Forget them friend, you're better here my friend
Where the tunnels never end
To love is to pretend, don't try to love yourself again
That's the worst kind of pain
We're not those kinds of freaks, amen
We're a different sort of breed of men

Asaf Avidan - My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days

Only stay by my side

With a love greater than the universe
We can jump over any kind of pain
Even if we lack at times
It’s alright, as long as we have each other

PENTAGON (PTG) - Beautiful ft. 청일훈 of BTOB

There's not even room enough to be anywhere
It's not dark yet, but it's getting there
Well my sense of humanity is going down the drain
Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain

She wrote me a letter and she wrote it so kind

Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet

Pushing you away is my darkest fear
I don't wanna break you
I don't wanna make you disappear
I fought every kind of pain
But you take it all away

Hinder - I Don't Wanna Believe

Everything worked out, it'll be fine.
Maybe one day I'll think of this again.
One day, you'll be in this kind of pain.
One day, you'll be the one crying.

Navi - Well done

Well the voices fall like timber
And the fear it pours like rain
And my heart is crushed to cinders
Underneath this kind of pain
Well there is no resolution
When the revolution's dead

Hanson - When You're Gone

An exercise for the soul

Only someone
That has suffered every kind of pain in life
Knows how to give value
To happiness's whims

Zélia Duncan - Where Happiness Lives

There is a darkness anchored deep inside my heart
I can't break the tide chains before I'm torn apart
This narrow cold embrace is another kind of pain
In every time I beg for an end of that torture in vain

Décembre Noir - A Discouraged Believer

And the delusion of my heart on that strange night
It doesn't leave me be

Everyone have some kind of pain
And a sea of silence
And sometimes releasing a strangled tear

Shiri Maimon - Waiting for Your Return

The red shadows, the tone of you voice was to light up whores, in "Europe" Avenue was snowing again,
on this disgusting love, it was to push you back in the sea.
To storm myself and slow reprisals like lots of cars
to conform ourselves to a certain kind of pain,
because of a mistaken sense of progress, because of a manufacturing defect.
In "Regina Coeli"'s¹ skies, and in all the stores,

Le luci della centrale elettrica - To push you back in the sea

He won't be coming back
When he's emptied all his closets
And she has to watch him go
That's the kind of pain I hope
I'll never have to know

Vicki Lawrence - I'm Glad I'm Not Her

Is there someone like me,
Who loves you?
May it never last
What kind of pain is it? It shakes..

We better not talk about it

Nazrin Valizadeh - It Can't Be With You

Father, behold my painful smart,
taken for man on ev'ry side;
Ev'n from my birth to death most tart,
no kind of pain I have denied,
but suffered all, and all for this:
Nolo mortem peccatoris.

Thomas Morley - Nolo mortem peccatoris

Just find it unfair how this goes
Thought I’m too young
To know what kind of pain this would be


Kris Leone - Goodbye (English Version)