Nena - Kino (English translation)

English translation


Every evening around the same time
In front of the checkout ready for the movie
Starshine from Hollywood
Bogart with a trenchcoat and hat - everything alright
Do you want to see a movie with Marilyn
Or rather with James Dean
I wait for a Happy End
Arm in arm with Cary Grant - everything alright
At midnight I sit in the cinema
At midnight they show the late-night program
At mighnight I sit in the cinema
I watch everything there is to watch
In the row one to ten
You can see pale people
Behind me on the parquet
They find the monsters nice - everything alright
Through the night of the long knives
Zombies and maneaters wander
In cinema the fat is in the fire
I knew it, what should I do - nothing is alright
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