Know Who You Are (Bosnian translation)

  • Artist: Moana (OST)
  • Featuring artist: Auliʻi Cravalho
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Know Who You Are

Ou mata e matagi
I have crossed the horizon to find you
Ou loto mamaina toa
I know your name
Manatu atu
They have stolen the heart from inside you
Taku pelepele
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are
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Bosnian translationBosnian
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Znas ko si

Pusti suzu
presla sam horizont da bih te nasla
srce mi je puno bola
Znam ti ime
jer smo se izgubili
srce su ti ukrali iz tebe
oni koje volis
ali to te ne odredjuje
jer smo se izgubili
ovo ovdje nisi ti
ti znas ko si
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