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Ko Hoku Loto

Ko hoku loto ke ma'u e Sīsū
Ko 'eku holi pē kia te ia
Teu feinga ka 'ikai lava
Ko e 'uhi ko e angahala
Ka teu feinga pē keu ma'u koe.
Ka ne ke 'ilo Sīsū kuo 'omi mai he 'aho ni
Pea teu fifili ko hai nai teu 'ofa ai
Kuo pau ke Ne ma'u he'eku me'a kotoa
'O 'ikai ha 'ilo pē mo'oku loto ke ne ma'u mo ia.
Ko 'Ene fiema'u ke tokoni 'ia ha taha
Ka naʻa ku mole mei 'a e hala
Ke ne taki 'a koe mo au
Fakafoki ki 'api
He ko 'ene fiema'u
Ke ma nofo mo ia
Tau x 2
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English translation

My Desire

My desire [is] to have Jesus
My only wish for Him
I will suffer, yet unable to handle [it]
The reason being [is] sin
But I'll just suffer to have You.
But Jesus, You knew You have given me this day
And I will choose, who I dearly will love [on that day]
Surely He must have all of my everything
And [there is] no thought about it that He may have my soul with Him.
[The thing] He wants is to help anyone
But I was nearly lost in sin
That he may guide you and me
Bring [us] back home
Because [what] He wants...
Is for the both of us to be with Him.
Chorus [x 2]
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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