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恋をしよう (Koi o shiyou) (English translation)

  • Artist: NICO Touches the Walls (ニコ・タッチズ・ザ・ウォールズ)
  • Song: 恋をしよう (Koi o shiyou) Album: Humania
  • Translations: English, Spanish


愛しい人 君はいまどうしてる?
僕は五杯目のコーヒー淹れるか 迷ってるところなんだ
見飽きてるはずの映画も なんだか気にしちゃうんだ
響き合い 混ざりはせず 強くて美しい そんな
都合のいい自分らしさなんて 見つかるわけはないんだから
別に誰かの真似をしていいじゃないか 恋をしよう
花束抱えて 君を待つ交差点
こんなおかしな僕なりに 君が好き 信じておくれよ
誰も知らない 僕らの不器用なラヴストーリー
「君を見ていたら霞んでしまう」なんて 僕にも言えるのかな
ヘタクソでたまにはいいんだとか 似合わないこと思ってみた
難しいこと気にしなくていいじゃないか 恋をしよう
僕がトムなら君はメグで 今すぐさあ 想い交わそう
誰もいない ビルの上 星が浮かぶ夜に
もう別に誰かの真似をしていいじゃないか 恋をしよう
手を繋ぐたびに キスをするたびに
こんなおかしな僕だけど君が好き 信じておくれよ
忘れないで 僕らには今しかないこと
誰も知らない 僕らのありふれたラヴストーリー
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Let's Fall in Love

My love, what are you doing right now?
I'm thinking about whether or not I should make a fifth cup of coffee
I don't like the idea of falling into a rhythm
But the movie I should be sick of watching, seems appealing right now
Matching perfectly without any overlap, strong and beautiful
That perfect me, there's no way I'll ever find it
It doesn't matter if we imitate someone else, let's fall in love
Holding a bouquet of flowers, waiting for you at the intersection
People might laugh
At that weird me, but I love you, please believe me
Our clumsy love story that no one else knows about
Even the lights that shine in the city
"When I look at you, they seem so dim" I wonder if someone like me can say that
"Just like this" "If it keeps going like this..." I keep repeating this but
I'm so clumsy that sometimes I think it's over, or other thoughts unlike me
You don't have to worry about the difficult things, let's fall in love
As long as you're always by my side smiling
I no longer need a reason
If I'm Tom, then you're Meg, so let's tell each other our feelings right now
On top of this empty roof, under the starry night sky
It doesn't matter if we imitate someone else, let's fall in love
While we're holding hands, while we're kissing
A rainbow might appear
I know I'm weird, but I love you, please believe me
Don't forget, the only thing we have is the present
Our run-of-the-mill love story that no one knows about
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