Komünist vs Nazi (English translation)

  • Artist: Porçay
  • Song: Komünist vs Nazi 4 translations
  • Translations: English, German, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Russian
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Communist vs Nazi

Porçay Rap Battles
National Socialist
War martyr, a noble nation
The army is scattered,the people are in poverty
All fingers showed us
One Nation, One Leader, One State
Good morning red,welcome to the world
Villain,known by his charisma
The red that takes what makes people the people,
Will be responded by German with panzer
Did you see? That's swastika
The world stands at attention in front of this
We've been history years ago but
Poland trembles in fear when they hear our name
Wake up from your utopian dream and
Take a look at your legacy.
The country that can't get erect because of vodka
and High-school students that trying to create conversation (Dude communism is so good xd)
There was a boy, grew up with whacking
They didn't accept him to painting school, became upset
Then he drew a shitty flag and
Took his country to war
Do you feel cold?
For aught I care!
There is no pass to fascists in my country
If you'll enter to Russia; take a passport
And a coat then try again.
Yeah, my mass is young people.
The young people who didn't brainwashed,the free and young people
That doesn't give up againist the world for
Their indenpence and justice -Because
I'm not a state
I'm an idea, I'm a fight -You
are over when I raise the flag in Berlin -I
sprout at distant lands
I went to many location, saw and won
I fought the world alone.
I've never seen a man
Who is proud with his baseness
Wir Wollen nicht lügen und wollen nicht schwindeln! (It means:We do not want lies and deceit anymore!)
Look! A few jews ran away from me
Communist, Zionist aren't worth a shit
Berlin falls, my fight lasts -My fight!
Not about stealing goods from rich
Not about stealing barley from villagers
My fight is about breaking yoke
We died fighting, not starving.
Sieg Heil!
You've became joke, my flag has banned
Sieg Heil!
Tsar fell but sadly Stalin got stuck with you
I lead the communist revolution
I was attended to my own troubles
Fascists came, I heard
I thought you'd never stfu
Führer and Tsar are all same
The respond to tyrant is in the anger of Red
It becomes hard even on liters of vodka
German beer is soft beverage for us
You came, you saw, you freezed and you went back
Blew the gaff then committed suicide
You didn't lost when you commit suicide,
You lost when you entered Russia
Say hi to Wilhelm from us
Berlin is cold and sky is cloudy
Your fight is over, do not come back again
Believe that; The world is happier without you.
Who won?
Who's next?
You decide
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Komünist vs Nazi

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