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粉雪 (Konayuki) (English translation)


粉雪舞う季節は いつもすれ違い
人混みに紛れても 同じ空見てるのに
風に吹かれて 似たように凍えるのに
僕は君の全てなど 知ってはいないだろう
それでも一億人から 君を見つけたよ
根拠はないけど 本気で思ってるんだ
些細な言い合いもなくて 同じ時間を生きてなどいけない
素直になれないなら 喜びも悲しみも虚しいだけ
粉雪 ねえ 心まで白く染められたなら
僕は君の心に 耳を押し当てて
その声のする方へ すっと深くまで
下りてゆきたい そこでもう一度会おう
分かり合いたいなんて 上辺を撫でていたのは僕のほう
君のかじかんだ手も 握り締めることだけで繋がってたのに
粉雪 ねえ 永遠を前に あまりに脆く
ざらつくアスファルトの上 シミになっていくよ
粉雪 ねえ 時に頼りなく 心は揺れる
それでも僕は君のこと 守り続けたい
粉雪 ねえ 心まで白く 染められたなら
二人の孤独を包んで 空にかえすから
Submitted by maëlstrommaëlstrom on 2010-05-03
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Powdery Snow

Versions: #1#2
In the season when powdery snow falls, we always lose each other
Even if we see the same sky lost in the crowd
Even if we both freeze alike in the cold wind
I may not know everything about you
Yet I found you from among hundred million people
I can’t prove it but I really believe so
We cannot live the same time without trivial fights
If we cannot be ourselves, joys and sorrows have no meaning
Tell me, powdery snow, could we share the solitude
If you dyed our hearts white?
I want to press my ear against her heart
And go down deep toward her voice
I want to meet her once again down there
I was the one who was superficial
Wanting us to understand each other
When I was tied to her
Only by holding her cold hands
You powdery snow, so fragile before eternity
You turn to stains on the rough asphalt road
You powdery snow, my heart wavers so helplessly sometimes
And yet I want to protect her forever
You powdery snow, if you dye our hearts white
We will wrap our solitude and give it back to the sky
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Submitted by snoriosnorio on 2011-01-29
Added in reply to request by dianphilodianphilo
maëlstrommaëlstrom    Fri, 25/03/2011 - 04:03

Epic song and great translation, snorio. I wish you had joined us earlier xD

snoriosnorio    Fri, 25/03/2011 - 05:31

Thanks, maëlstrom. I am so glad!

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