Kotoba wa Uso o Tsuku (言葉は嘘をつく) (English translation)

Kotoba wa Uso o Tsuku (言葉は嘘をつく)

未来が信じられない 過去を我慢し続け
フラッシュバック ふいに蘇る 何が正常なのか
推測する 気づいたら最後の夏に溶け込む
人の痛みを知らないくせに 傷つきたがる
錆び付いた今日の嘘も 明日を結ぶ言葉も
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Words Tell a Lie

The future patiently persists through the unbelievable past
This feeling didn't intend to live for the sake of the forgotten past
Does a flashback suddenly bring everything back to normal?
I guess if I notice it, it'll melt into the final summer
Even though people don't understand their pain, they still hurt1
This blue heat2 surely makes people dizzy
Today's rusted lies connect to tomorrow's words
All those lying words
could disappear completely if only they were left in our lungs
Because the little darkness left in the room broke
Today, I can forget everything and fall asleep
I can surely fall asleep
  • 1. The verb 傷つく means hurt, but just like its English equivalent, it can mean either physical or emotional pain. I read it here as referring to emotional pain, but I could be wrong.
  • 2. AFAIK blue isn't a color commonly associated with heat in Japan. This may refer to a blue flame.
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