Krahni (كرهني) (English translation)


Krahni (كرهني)

ما بدي تقرب ليي
وتسلم عادي عليي
كأني حدا عرفتو
وخلصت الخبرية
حسلي شي كرهني
عصب لما تلمحني
اطلع بقسوة فيي
ساعتها بتريحني
أنا ما بدي ياك
بس ما بدي تنساني
اللي عشتو معي
ممنوع تعيشو مع حدا تاني
ضلك حبني عن بعد
وتخيل انا مع بعض
حسسني انا وقدامك
إنو وقفت فيك الأرض
بعدك بس يمرق اسمي
بتخلق جواتك أزمة
ضلك ضعيف قبالي
حسسني اني مهمة
كرهني وقتها بتثبتلي
ما قدرت تلاقي متلي
وإنو اللي عرفتها بعدي
ما عبتلك محلي
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English translation

Hate Me

I don't want you to come to me
And say hello to me in an ordinary fashion
as if I'm just someone you used to know
And as if that's that
Feel something towards me, hate me!
Get angry when you see me
Look at me in a cruel way
This way you would put my mind at ease
I don't want you
but I don't want you to forget me
What you experienced with me is something
you are not allowed to experience with someone else
Keep loving me from afar
And imagine that we are still together
When I'm standing before you, make me feel
that the Earth stopped turning for you
Still whenever my name comes up
a dilemma stirs up inside of you
I want you to feel weak in front of me
Make me feel that I'm important
Hate me, and then you will prove to me
that you couldn't find someone like me
And that the one you are with now
could not fill my shoes
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