Krampus - Butterflies On Fire


Butterflies On Fire

Pieces of your life
Wet of all the tears you cried
A rude awekening for the princess
In the castle of your life
All your tears scattered
Around the room with all your broken bones
You dont even know
What keeps you going on
You see what your hate into the mirror
you take it for a ride anywhere
You try to hide from all the world
Nobody knows what's hiding behind your smile
How many times you banged your head on all your walls
At night
Your nightmares sleep by your side
You were not made to be broken
Even when you lose the will to carry on
Give yourself a try everybody hits the bottom
The way out is there for those who dare to try
Leave it all behind!
Colors in your head
Blinded heart and hopes drop dead
Memories covered by flowers in the grace under your bed
Pandora's box about to explode
You are running in circles
Your mask of joy is about to fade away
We'are all just butterflies on fire
You know that you are not alone
I know it's hard to believe
What your eyes cannot see
Every story, even yours,
Deserves an happy ending
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