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So Who's To Blame

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So, who’s to blame that you are jaded
You looked, you found, you lost and waited ...
You soared high up the sky,
And you got screwed - left high and dry?
And who’s at fault that day by day
Some folks will always have their way
You feel alone as a castaway
Your dreams are pale - all silver gray
The lights are out, the sounds are mute
Your hands are restless and torture you
And if your pain is getting weaker
This means that one more trouble is on the way –
da, da,…da,da,da, da... ta, da, da,da, da, da...
Now, who’s to blame my dear friend
Some marry once until the end
True love, success, a fortune to spend -
All to that jerk you cannot stand?
And who’s at fault that any place
They stick together in that race
Your dreams are shattered, you are in debt
And ‘sitting pretty’ is hard to get?
Now, who’s to blame and what’s the cause
Of all misgivings and the applause,
A bitter triumph, a sweet defeat
And equal score of all of those?
And who’s at fault that you're alone
Your life is long and overgrown
And dry and stale, it passes by
And you just hope one day you’ll die?
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Кто Виноват (Kto Vinovat)

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