Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - Kugelschlucker (Transliteration)


Swallower of bullets

They caught me
years ago
One night
they came in swarms
carried me off
without asking me,
to bury me under their skin
With words and images and numbers
they began crushing my mind,
to make me them,
they didn't bargain with the price
Congratulations, we turned into each other
I became a part of their body,
voluntarily, because my will was defective,
blinded, numbed and divided,
held in a golden cage
Eating I swallowed your hooks
Until now I have not been able to flee
You look so friendly and you look so ecstatic
but my heart is just a fruit for you to pick
I endured it for years,
but now bit by bit my head bursts open
Some claim that I'm crazy
No way back
Pulled apart my prison
I swallow the bullets that you send
and I spit them back at you
Peng, peng
Peng, peng
Peng, peng
Peng, peng
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