熊野路へ (Kumanoji e) (English translation)

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To the Kumano roads

By the roads I waled with you one day
Now I walk alone
By the old Kumano roads to the Nachi waterfalls
It's a journey that follows the memories
Sun between the trees, paved roads
When I walk, I can't clean the overflowing tears
These ancient roads
Are dead ends full of tears
The smell of spring invites to rest
The little birds singing
By the old Kumano roads going to the Nachi
It's a journey that searches for those days
To the three shrines of Kumano and Tanabe
I was going with you by Nakahechi
These ancient roads
Are dead ends full of memories
I sink a little in the sunset
At Yunoguchi's onsens
I was walking takn by the hand
In the twilight of that day
Even if years pass, I won't forget
The Kumano that you've told me
These six old roads
Are dead ends full of antiquity

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熊野路へ (Kumanoji e)

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