Mohit Chauhan - Kun Fayakun (कुन फ़याकुन) (English translation)


Kun Fayakun (कुन फ़याकुन)

या निज़ामुद्दीन औलिया,
या निज़ामुद्दीन सलक़ा
क़दम बढ़ा ले
हदों को मिटा ले
आजा ख़ालीपन में, पी का घर तेरा
तेरे बिन ख़ाली, आजा, ख़ालीपन में
कुन फ़याकुन, कुन फ़याकुन
फ़याकुन, फ़याकुन
जब कहीं पे कुछ नहीं भी नहीं था
वही था, वही था
वह जो मुझ में समाया
वह जो तुझ में समाया
मौला, वही वही माया
कुन फ़याकुन, कुन फ़याकुन
सदक़ अल्लाह उल अली उल अज़ीम
रंगरेज़ा रंग मेरा तन, मेरा मन
ले ले रंगाई चाहे तन, चाहे मन
सजरा सवेरा मेरे तन बरसे
कजरा अंधेरा तेरी जलती लौ
क़तरा मिला जो तेरे पर से
ओ मौला
कुन फ़याकुन
कुन फ़याकुन
सदक़ अल्लाह उल अली उल अज़ीम
सदक़ रसूलुहुन नबी उल करीम
सल्ल अल्लाहु अलइहि व सल्लम....
ओ मुझपे करम सरकार तेरा
अर्ज़ तुझे, कर दे मुझे, मुझसे ही रिहा
अब मुझको भी हो, दीदार मेरा
मन के मेरे ये भरम
कच्चे मेरे ये करम
लेके चाले है कहाँ
मैं तो जानूं ही न
तू है मुझमें समाया
कहाँ लेके मुझे आया
मैं हूँ तुझमें समाया
तेरे पीछे चला आया
तेरा ही मैं एक साया
तूने मुझको बनाया
मैं तो जग को न भाया
तुने गले से लगाया
अब तू ही है ख़ुदाया
सच तू ही है ख़ुदाया
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English translation

Kun Fayakun

O Nizamuddin Auliya
O Nizamuddin Salqa
Take a step fro
Erase your limits
Come into the void, the house of your lover
It is empty without you, come into the void
O bestower of hue...
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun, fayakun, fayakun
Be! And it is
And it is
And it is
When no where was there anything at all
He was there
He was there
He who fills me
He who fills you
The Lord - he is that very treasure
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun
Sadaqa Allahu 'l-Aliyu 'l-Adhim
Be! And it is
Be! And it is
Thus said verily Allah the Grand, the Great
Dye my body, my mind, O he who dyed the cosmos
Take the colour from my body, my mind, if you so please
The bright morning rains on my body
The black darkness is your burning flame
Bring me to a drop from your door step
O Lord
Kun fayakun, kun fayakun
Sadaqa Allahu 'l-Aliyu 'l-Adhim
Sadaqa Rasuluhun Nabiyu 'l Karim
Be! And it is
Be! And it is
Thus said verily Allah the Grand, the Great
Thus said verily His Messenger, Prophet of the Kind One
Salla Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam...
May peace be upon him...
Your grace is upon me, O Master
I entreat you, release me from myself
Give me clear vision of myself
These delusions of my heart
My shallow actions
Where are the taking me?
I've not a clue
You fill me
Where have you brought me?
I fill you
I follow at your heels
I am merely your shadow
Created from you
I was unable to please the universe
But you embraced me
Now, only you remain, my Lord
Only you are true, my Lord
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Author's comments:

1. Nizamuddin Auliya and Nizamuddin Salqa are Sufi saints.
2. The lines that are emphasised are actually sung in Arabic, and thus have been included in the English translation.
3. Kun Fayakun, or " 'Be!', and it is " refers to a Qur'anic passage. In it, it is written Allah commands an object to be, and it is.
4. "Maayaa" usually means illusion, and is largely a Hindu concept. In this case it means "wealth/treasure". The Hindi script writes the two words identically, but they are written "maayaa" and "maayah" in the Urdu script, respectively.

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