Kun mun kultani tulisi (English translation)

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Shall my darling come

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When my darling shall come,
Should step my dearest,
I shall know it from (the way of his) arrival,
Guess it from treading,
Guess it from treading,
Even if (him)were a verst away
Even if (him)were a verst away
Or maybe two.
Like a haze I would go outside,
Float like smoke to yard,
Float like smoke to yard,
I would give off sparkles,
I would give off sparkles,
Flow like a flame;
*Go beside a wort,
Gliding in front of you.
Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
Surely would I shake a hand,
Should even a snake rest in the palm,
Surely would I kiss(a mouth),
Should there be death against the mouth;
Surely would I hang in (his)neck,
Should decease lay on neck bones;
Surely would I shin up beside(him),
Should blood fill his side.
'Though my darling has not,
His lips covered with blood,
Not his hands in the tallow of snakes,
Not his neck on decease's grab;
Mouth is made of melted butter,
Lips like honey,
Lips like honey,
Hands (are)golden,handsome,
hands (are)golden,handsome,
Neck like the stem of a heather.
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Submitted by sorvarisorvari on Wed, 17/11/2010 - 21:26
Added in reply to request by LinervaLinerva
Author's comments:

*"Kalevala measure" has been used used partly in this song,meaning a certain amount of syllables appear in one verse line. Also, alliteration has been made of use, which can create a "nonsense" like feel. "vierren vierehen menisin,
supostellen suun etehen." Is very hard to translate literally,and also the meaning of this verse is shady. Vierre is wort, but going beside a wort does sound absurd,and the adverb"supostella"is no longer used in modern Finnish language,and I couldn't find its meaning,so I only made a guess...


Kun mun kultani tulisi

hanazakarihanazakari    Wed, 08/12/2010 - 22:23

Thank you very much for the translation in english of this very beautiful song that we're learning in our choir in france... Please I'm looking for the french translation if somebody can make it easily because I don't speak fluently english... and what does mean "Kalevala measure " please ? merci beaucoup !

KetutarKetutar    Mon, 18/02/2013 - 12:51

"kalevala measure" is metre, the rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse. The whole Kalevala is written like this.

sorvari, "Vierre is wort, but going beside a wort does sound absurd" - vierren tässä ei ole genetiivi vaan "miten, millä tavalla", kuten supostellen, siis verbi. Sanoisin että "flowing" olisi hyvä käännös.
Supostella on sama kuin supostaa, ja se kuulemma on sama sana kuin suipistaa tai supistaa. Siis... kissing?

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